Traffic nightmare

With the proposed new school on Southwest 122nd Street — along with all the new housing and commercial developments planned toward and around Newberry Road — it is going to be a traffic nightmare, much like Tower Road became. As development inches toward Archer Road, it would be a smart thing to consider making it all four lanes, with a center turn lane.

But then the county has never been proactive on these sorts of things. Unfortunately it will be probably be an afterthought to make it better when the congestion gets really, really bad, and the cost will have skyrocketed to the point where they will only fix the pavement, add bike lanes and make it look pretty.

Richard DesChenes, Archer


Make Dreamers a priority

As the immigration debate rages on, Florida Sens. Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson need to make providing permanent protections for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients a priority heading in the new year. The 800,000 DACA recipients have had their lives tossed back and forth by Congress and the courts since March of last year, unable to plan and invest in their futures in the U.S., even though they’ve lived here the majority of their lives.

Eighty-six percent of Americans support a long-term legislative solution for Dreamers, including eight in 10 Republicans. Removing DACA authorized workers would result in the loss of more than $1.4 billion in annual GDP in Florida alone. Partisan politics have gotten in the way of a solution for Dreamers, yet they bring so much to our Florida communities.

I hope the new Congress passes a legislative solution in the new year.

Maria Rodriguez, Tallahassee


Too much attention

Why all the hullabaloo about the killing of Jamal Khashoggi? Yes, it apparently was a murder, but it involved a person who was not an American citizen and occurred in a foreign country. Crimes of this nature don't ordinarily get much attention in our news media.

Khashoggi has even been falsely described as an American journalist and an employee of the Washington Post when, in fact, he was a Saudi citizen who occasionally had his work published in the Post, and his murder occurred in Turkey.

Even the U.S. Senate has its shorts in a bind over it. Could it be that this is seen as a chance to split the U.S.-Saudi alliance and harm our position in the Middle East?

William C. Heithaus, Branford


Diminished respect

I would like to ask the writer of a Dec. 4 letter, “Strong and respected,” if he has been out of the country in the last couple years. I have and I can tell him that the people I meet abroad, including everyday people like taxi drivers, find his current president to be a fool and cannot understand why he was elected in the first place.

The respect I receive as an American abroad has diminished since the election. My international colleagues do not show me disrespect, but I can feel it on the streets of Europe and Asia.

I think a trip abroad is in order for the letter writer so he might see the truth for himself instead of promoting fake news.

Anna Calluori Holcombe, Gainesville


Gift to the community

Once again UF’s holiday gift to the community was a huge, well-attended success.

Thank you to the School of Music led by Dr. Kevin Orr and the many other organizers including Dr Kent Fuchs, Dr. Will Kesling, Tony Offerle, Raymond Chobaz, the UF Symphony and Choirs and especially the guest Naval Air Training Command Choir.

Let us celebrate “200 Years of Silent Night,” the theme of this year’s presentation.

Shelley Melvin, Gainesville


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