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 If it's school policy then enforce it

I don’t remember ever thinking I had a choice about following school policy when I was in high school. I’m not questioning whether high school students should have to wear uniforms, but I am dumbfounded as to why higher-ups would not be enforcing school policies and held accountable if they are not.

In (March 9, “Poor grades for high school uniforms”) one parent was quoted as saying, “It’s hard for a parent to enforce a policy that’s not being enforced at the school, but if they did enforce it, we absolutely would enforce it.”

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Okay, that makes sense to me. If some students are not being made to wear the uniforms, then maybe my child would be made fun of if he/she did, therefore, I would certainly be lenient on my child about wearing their uniform.

Here’s a lesson on school policy: If there’s a policy and teachers are not enforcing it, they must be pulled aside for a serious talk. Certainly the teachers who are being lenient are known. Ignoring the teachers who are not following the policy makes it hard on the teachers who are and also on the students who are following the policy.

The low percentage of students who are following the policy is a direct reflection on the leaders of that school. They need to step up and do their job on this. It would not be long before it would be clear to the students that they must abide by school policies.

Darla Widnall, Ormond Beach

Real beneficiaries

One can only wonder where those who object to a socialist America — including President Donald Trump — have been.

Don’t look now, but socialism is alive and well in the U.S. We at street level only see it in dribs and drabs and, ironically, these are the ones most targeted as do-nothings, living on the government dole.

Meanwhile, government largesse — funded by all of us who don’t enjoy the luxury of a battery of tax attorneys and have to pony up this time of year — is flowing freely to those who do.

Since Trump took office, General Motors has been awarded some $600 million in government contracts and $500 million in tax breaks, some of it going to CEO Mary Barra to the tune of $22 million in total compensation in 2017 alone. And what of those workers whose jobs Trump vowed to protect? Only the hard reality of capitalism for 14,000 of them as the axe looms.

Then there are banks, which, since 2008, have received $21 billion in tax cuts and enjoyed subsidies of some $83 billion — but cut staff by 4,000 last year. And there’s Wall Street’s bonus pool, amounting to $31.4 billion.

Surely these "tortured" beneficiaries must lose sleep, agonized by the indignity of receiving all these handouts and doing little to get them.

This is what democratic socialism — oh the horrors! — is all about: Putting an end to this travesty and letting all the people enjoy the benefits of this outpouring of funds, not just the privileged few.

Stephen L. Doll, Ormond Beach