EDITOR: There was a recent article about how St. Augustine has changed over time that missed the gist of the situation — St. Augustine's "charm" has been exploited. And then we stomped on it. Classic example is having one of the oldest streets on the North American continent turned into an outdoor, cheesy strip mall. Locals refer to it as T-Shirt Alley, Tourist Trap Trail and, my personal favorite, “St. Gouge Street.”

However, we cannot count out the contribution of our county commissioners — or shall we just be truthful and change the title to development commissioners. Now 968 homes are going in off Wildwood (sorry Wildwood residents). What a sell-out by the commission — as they continue to sell their collective soul to the devil/developers. Even the local's last hope for reasonable development, Commissioner Paul Waldron, confirmed that he, too, is solidly in with the devil/developers: very disappointing.

The developer commission must be in really deep, as there is no concern about the traffic around the county and the city of St. Augustine. One report states that the average American family owns 2.28 vehicles. Oh boy, a learning example; let’s do the math on that one.

The other disappointing fact, along with Mr. Waldron, is that the developers have no concern for affordable housing. That’s another slap in the face and total lack of respect for our hourly workers, teachers, firefighters and law enforcement members/taxpayers of the county. It’s easy to see where the money is going.