Readers’ letters

As a part-time resident of Jupiter for over 30 years, I’m appalled by the condition of the beaches along A1A in Jupiter.

Every January when I arrive, the beaches are filthy with seaweed and other garbage. When I first started coming, there was always a county worker on a tractor raking the beach. Over the last three years, I’ve called many times and also written letters to the Palm Beach Post about this problem.

The answer that I get from the county is there’s not enough money in the budget and that they have so many parks to take care of.

This beach is what attracted me to Jupiter back in 1989. I understand the environmentalists don’t want tractors on the beach, but they have to give a little. I’m tired of hearing the county commission telling me that the tide brought it in and the tide will take it out with the next storm.

As a nonresident, I pay a higher tax rate than residents. The least they can do is correct the situation.

Michael Weber, Jupiter

Writer misunderstands truth about gun shows

I wanted to correct a few misconceptions the recent letter-writer had regarding his experience at the gun show. First of all, sawed-off shotguns are, and have been, illegal for decades. Ditto fully automatic weapons.

To acquire one of these legally takes years of paperwork and a squeaky clean background. They are meant for collectors mostly, not crazed Rambos like the letter suggested. And if a homeowner wants to use a smaller shotgun for home protection, so what? It makes sense, because if you're nervous or fearful, you probably won't fire a pistol very accurately, and besides, buckshot probably won't penetrate walls to the point of killing your neighbor accidentally.

It sounds like the writer should have gone to a sporting goods store where he would have found everything he needed. But he surely didn't have to paint people looking to protect their property as "crazy."

Brian Hurley, West Palm Beach

Working, yet getting Medicaid, food stamps

I am a social worker. Many of my clients receive food stamps and/or Medicaid. To assume that these individuals do not work or contribute to the economy by paying taxes is simply incorrect.

Those who work full time at minimum wage may still qualify for food stamps due to their low wages. Individuals who work full time for employers who do not offer health insurance may be eligible for Medicaid.

There are countless examples of employers who pay workers so poorly that the workers are forced to seek public benefits to keep their heads above water.

Immigrants should not be discouraged from applying for benefits they would otherwise be eligible for, nor should they have their chances to gain citizenship ruined because of a false narrative that suggests they aren’t paying their own way.

Susan Carberry, Wellington



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