Readers’ letters

The criticism of Marion Hammer in your Aug. 30 editorial (“Money a big reason for NRA fighting Florida assault weapons ban”) is fully justified.

Purchasing guns may create jobs but the money spent on them, hundreds of dollars, could have been spent on other job-producing products and services somewhere, Florida perhaps. It is well known that people who buy guns already have an armory of them. There are as many guns as people in U.S., but only 30% of the population are gun owners. The manufacture of guns is a gross waste of resources.

I am surprised that Hammer did not suggest that gun-related fatalities create job vacancies.

Horace Hone, West Palm Beach

Trump’s China statement

seems like manipulation

On Monday, Sept. 26, President Trump made a statement in France, that "China called last night, they want to resume trade talks.” China denied that any phone call had taken place.

White House aides on Wednesday conceded the phone calls Trump described didn't happen. He just wanted to project optimism to boost the markets, they said.

Sure enough the markets went up considerably after the statement by Trump. Isn’t that called manipulating the market and if done by others, it's called insider trading?

I would have loved to buy before the market opened that day and sell an hour later. I wonder who in Washington traded the market that day.

So America lies and China tells the truth. Who would’ve thought that a couple of years ago?

Al Hensler, Delray Beach



It is sad to see how uncaring so many people were to Ralph and Marguerite McCormack as they descended into mental illness and suffered severe physical problems due to accidents and overall poor health, leading often to forced separations in different hospitals in different cities.

When someone finally takes the time to help get them back on their feet, their future is taken away by greedy city magistrates who, knowing their incapacity to help themselves, couldn’t give them break, even after indicating they would if they fixed up the property and paid the taxes, which the couple did.

They essentially got the McCormacks to throw away a good chunk of their limited savings on a house that they planned all along to take from them.

I understand the house was a mess for several years and how unpleasant that can be for the neighborhood, but we as a society can do better than this. They paid for their house and now need to sell it so they can have enough to live on in an assisted living facility and not end up back on the street again. But the city of Royal Palm Beach won’t allow them that dignity by insisting on exorbitant fines.

Shame on them, and shame on us for saying we appreciate a veteran’s service but won’t do anything to help one who once willingly to put his life at risk for us.

Ben Lowe, Boynton Beach



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