Readers’ letters

The Village of Wellington is at the precipice of taking a stand for the environment and integrity of the community or selling out to greed and development.

In 1999, Befrank, Inc., entered into a legal contract with the South Florida Water Management District: Befrank agreed to keep outparcels of property by the Wellington Green Mall as "a perpetual conservation easement…in full force and effect forever." Now Befrank is requesting a change in the use of the land in order to build a restaurant and 185 additional housing units.

If the Wellington Village Council approves this change, they will set a catastrophic precedent that developers can sign a contract and then reverse it by going before a future board. The Preserves provide benefits: carbon sinks for CO2 emissions, help with flooding/rainwater, wildlife habitat.

I call upon the Wellington Village Council to reject Befrank’s proposal to develop any of the conservation easement, aka The Preserves, and not make a grave mistake in setting a precedent that legal and binding contracts are not really "legal and binding."

Nicole DeFlorio, Wellington

Tariff war has effect on fires in the Amazon

People in Brazil are using fire to clear the rainforest for agriculture. The crop most mentioned that they will grow is soy. China is the major importer. Now, China's cost for U.S. soy has increased as a result of President Trump's tariff war.

As is usual in commerce, when the cost of a product increases significantly, the buyer looks for a replacement. Brazil will fill this need. China needs a dependable source.

We may win the first battle of the war on tariffs but we are going to lose eventually. Our farmers should find another crop, they will never be able to sell large quantities of soy abroad in the future.

Bob Roth, Palm Beach Gardens

Facts of Holocaust must be imparted

I never thought I would see antisemitism and someone whom I would say is a Holocaust denier in the Palm Beach Post’s Letters to the Editor. ("Holocaust studies should be elective,” Sunday)

The writer states, "There should be a diverse committee to establish standards based on facts, not the narrative of one ethnic group."

From my perspective, the "diverse committee" could include white supremacists and outspoken Holocaust deniers. The comment that the committee establish standards based on "facts," not the "narrative" of one ethnic group, is clearly the words of a denier.

General Dwight D. Eisenhower specifically made townspeople of villages around the death camps witness the human tragedy. He also made sure the military film for posterity both the inside and outside of the camps that he and his troops liberated. The general believed that there would be a time in the future that people would deny these atrocities had taken place and would want to get a firsthand witness to testify.

We have finally reached a point in time where most of the witnesses are gone and we only have the "narrative" in history books and the U.S. Army film of the liberated camps.

The Holocaust must be a mandatory history subject, not an elective.

Ira Gross, Boca Raton

What do you mean, Joe Biden’s too old?

An article asks if Joe Biden is too old to be president? I ask you, how old is former President Jimmy Carter? He’s 94 and still building homes for Habitat For Humanity. How old is Queen Elizabeth? She’s 92 and still ruling the United Kingdom. How old is Ruth Bader Ginsburg? She’s 86 and still on the Supreme Court.

How old is former Vice President Biden? He’s 76. Just a kid, don't you think?

Annette Jackson, Delray Beach

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