Dorian: Monday morning quarterback

EDITOR: I may be a bit early, but I'm bracing myself for the onslaught of criticism that is surely to come after Hurricane Dorian is over. It seems no matter what information is given to us by local officials, some will say it wasn't enough or it was too much, or too early, or too late.

It seems a bit different this year than it was when Gov. Rick Scott was unofficially running for the Senate during Hurricane Irma and showed up on TV 24/7 looking very concerned and exhibiting his leadership skills. Gov. DeSantis has been giving out the right amount of instruction as needed: succinct and to the point with critical information.

No one can predict what Mother Nature has in store for us, and that includes hurricanes. Even with technology available, including airplanes that fly directly into the hurricanes and "spaghetti models” of wiggly lines that confuse us, this also shows how imprecise this science still is. Officials and meteorologists can only deliver the information as it is given to them.

We must remember the people we see on TV keeping us up-to-date are our neighbors, friends or church members whom we see most often outside their jobs. They are away from their own families during these stressful times when we are holding ours close to us. We can drink our stored water and eat our canned tuna and be none the worse for wear. My generator is still shiny and has never been used but it brings me a lot of comfort knowing it's at the ready in case I do need it.

Let's spend our energy learning from this experience and appreciating the job these people have to do instead of posting snarky criticisms on social media. Our time would be much better spent helping someone move furniture to the curb or just giving a hug and a few words of encouragement. Let's continue to show that we can be "St. Augustine Strong" in a very positive manner.

Jackie Grommes, St. Augustine