Rep. Darren Soto's column [“Impeachment inquiry is our constitutional duty,” Oct. 31] is a perfect example of a politician wanting to have his cake and eat it too.

He claims to support the impeachment inquiry but is undecided on the impeachment. This is a clever way to attempt to embarrass the president and still claim his hands are clean.

Paragraph one is the first lie. The president asked for help investigating corruption in the 2016 election and yet Soto falsely states it was for the 2020 election. In paragraph two Soto claims he has a constitutional duty to conduct this inquiry. I read the Constitution. Nowhere does it state to constantly harass the president. Nowhere does it state to spend all your time as an elected official to do nothing but trying to remove the president.

Soto claims both sides have equal opportunity to question witnesses and both sides leak information selectively. This is an outright lie. All information leaked is coming from Rep. Adam Schiff and Republicans are shouted down by Schiff when questioning gets too close to the truth.

We need honesty from our elected officials. And I would like to remind Darren Soto that we senior citizens vote.

Colin Campbell, Lake Wales