Stereotyping progressives is less

Effective than own research

A letter writer who described progressivism is like asking what is the best barbecue style. Progressives come in a lot of flavors.

The letter writer seemed to be saying that progressives want to change or destroy our constitution and therefore our freedom.

The last ratified amendment, the 27th — prohibiting any law that increases or decreases the salary of members of Congress from taking effect until the start of the next set of terms of office — took almost 203 years.

The last two officially proposed amendments both failed.

In our divided country, it's hard to see any amendment passing even the first stages of proposal much less ratification.

When people start telling us what other people or groups of people believe, you best do your own research.

Don't let others tell you what to think or even what other groups of people think. Find out for yourself.

Clay Brown, Jacksonville

Buddy system for appointments

Is not a good look for the city

Councilman Sam Newby’s “great guy” analysis of Dane Grey as a member of the JEA board is less than the kind of recommendation one would expect for such an appointment for such a critical job as to evaluate the sale of JEA.

I have followed the JEA narrative in the Times-Union and the lack of transparency in this process and the lining of executive pockets is truly sad for the citizens of Jacksonville.

How many more of the mayor's band of brothers are going to be part of this charade of independence?

Bill Hronek, Ponte Vedra Beach

Officer is role model by

Treating child like family

The story of St. Johns County Deputy Sargent Napolian Staggers touching the life of 7-year-old cancer victim Arcolia “Coya” Gilliard Jr. was a wonderful glimpse into how we can make a profound impact on our communities by simply and intentionally doing what we do with loving care.

The boy and his family will be heading to Walt Disney World for the first time thanks to Staggers and other officers.

Staggers calls the children his babies and he took the time to notice and respond when one of “his children” was suffering.

The response generated by Staggers’ attention to his community was certainly newsworthy. Thank you reporter Christen Kelly for what would have been a great front-page story.

This child and his family will be forever changed by these events. I suspect their entire community will also benefit as they pay it forward for generations to come.

I am personally more motivated to take loving ownership of my community and notice those in my daily sphere of influence because of this example.

There is a seed of hope for the future of our communities inside each of us.

Coya, get well my child. Sgt. Staggers, thank you my friend.

Steve Nickisch, St. Marys, Ga.