Ugly growth

I have to vent. Gainesville was known as the Tree City, but now it's more like the Roof Top and Pavement City. We see too-tall buildings and the paving of fertile land taking over here in our town.

Small businesses are forced out and neighborhood attributes are damaged as big money takes its toll. How many big-box stores along the sides of Interstate 75 do we need, where customers buy things they can really do without and don't need? Development like this is rampant predatory capitalism on display.

Having lived in Gainesville since 1964, I expect changes, but what's happening here now is more like an ugly cancerous growth. Other college towns have done a much better job of retaining their character.

Bill Frankenberger, Gainesville

Ill-equipped for an emergency

Stock markets all over the world are in free fall. Here in the United States, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted almost 13% last week, which technically is a market correction. We appear to be on the verge of the Trump recession.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is temperamentally ill-equipped to deal with a national emergency as his natural inclination is to lie, minimize, exaggerate and deflect blame. People respond with a lack of confidence in the federal government, particularly in President Trump. They are anxious, fearful and have the impulse to sell stock.

Richard Hays Powell, Gainesville

Election questions

There are graves of brave Americans all over the world who died defending our great democracy. It led me to wonder if they would favor the America-first policy of Republicans, or if they would feel as some Democrats that there is nothing special about America?

Would they want open borders or border security? Would they want another Obama welfare state or Trump’s full employment? Would they want religious freedom or would they be happy with the Christian intimidation we saw under Obama?

The answers seem so obvious but we are talking about a Democratic Party that has tried to destroy one of the most successful presidents in our history since he was elected, and wasted much time and money on endless and useless investigations. On top of all this, it sees nothing wrong with socialism.

Make no mistake about it — it is all about wanting power. Bernie is correct when he says that, under his plan, jobs will be lost.

Wayne Blankenship, Starke

Not a low-income school

The Sun's Feb. 24 article described how the volunteers came together and gave Norton Elementary School a "new look." I too applaud the service that they rendered. However, the article stated that each year the "student organization selects a low-income elementary school in Gainesville."

Pardon me, but I live within walking distance to Norton and I beg to differ that it is a "low-income" school. If this is the qualification to getting a "new look," the students should have been guided east of Main Street, where most of the "low-income" schools are located. The students, parents and community would have been ecstatic.

Bettye Stoney Allen, Gainesville

Patriotic feeling

I went with some friends Saturday night to see the Navy Band at the Phillips Center. They put on a show that ranged through sea shanties, disco, rock, 1940s hits and, of course, the service songs.

It was inspiring but the thing that hit me the most was this great dose of patriotic feeling without a hint of politics. Refreshing.

Denny Gies, Gainesville

Inspire confidence

President Trump could reinforce the confidence he’s exuding by visiting hospitals in China or the state of Washington to demonstrate just how non-threatening the new coronavirus is — officially. Wouldn’t that leadership inspire the confidence we and the world markets need?

John Hughes, Gainesville

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