Have those who would vote for any politician on the basis of promises that with any examination would certainly be shown to be utterly preposterous ever thought about what these politicians must think about them.

Some politicians promise free Medicare for all with a cost of over $4.5 trillion a year, almost doubling the budget. Some promise to forgive student loan debt. Will those who repaid their loans get their money back?

Some politicians also promise to save the planet for a few more trillion dollars but have no specific workable plan or any idea of the cost. How will people in the northern states heat their homes without the fossil fuels when the solar panels are covered with snow and the windmills cannot work because of a blizzard?

Some claim they can pay for all this by taxing the billionaires; America has fewer than 600 billionaires. How much will each be taxed to pay for Medicare for all? How much will these billionaires have left to be taxed to save the planet?

I am sure these politicians have to come to the same conclusion as I have, that these people who believe and vote for them are either gullible or ignorant of the fact that nothing is free.

Jim Posmer, Lakeland