Donald Trump has stumbled upon his next way to fire up his base — angry protests.

He wants them to ignore the guidelines he set/agreed to, to not accept the "power he gave" (but never had) the governors (shirking any of his responsibilities and lining up fall guys), to ignore the advice of experts (once again — because that worked so well in February), and to gather in protest to "liberate” the states against whom he holds a grudge. He can’t get them tests, but, by God, he can get them angry protesters.

“They like me.” He’s good with it.

I have a litmus test for Trump Believers. 1. “Choose” not to wear a mask. 2. If you or loved ones get sick, take the unproven drug he is pushing (“what have you got to lose”). 3. Only get your news from FOX (so you know what’s really going on). 4. Reject your “socialist program” stimulus check. Any takers?

Why would he want to make things harder and more dangerous for everyone by encouraging protesting our best, not perfect but best, shot at an early comeback?

Donna M. Rollins, Lakeland