In the current COVID-19 crisis we all have much to think about. I've been musing on two political hypotheses now being put to the test. Can we, should we ignore and do without a uniquely unqualified and incompetent president? And, how shall we evaluate the renascent idea of federalism?

Given the vacuum of leadership at the White House, we have to conclude that the nation needs an able chief executive. Perhaps now, some of us will regret we failed to elect one last time.

The federalist business was actually settled nearly two centuries ago, in the days of J.Q. Adams, but some of our neighbors are a little slow on the uptake. When we have no coherent direction from Washington, individual states could — and they might — fall to squabbling among themselves over scarce resources, such as ventilators. You'd almost think it was 1785, before the Constitution formed "a more perfect union."

Two questions answered, the hard way. Fellow citizens, we'd better vote as if our very lives depended on it.

William B. Reid, Winter Haven