Question: I’m in my late 50s and facing possible total hip replacement. Are there any less-invasive alternatives?

Answer: Active adults suffering from hip pain due to degenerative hip disease, osteoarthritis and post traumatic arthritis do have an alternative to hip-replacement surgery — hip resurfacing. Unlike total hip replacement, hip resurfacing resurfaces only a few centimeters of bone, reducing pain and enabling individuals to return to high-demand occupations and recreational activities.

During traditional hip-replacement surgery, both the head and neck of the femur (thighbone) are removed and replaced with metal and plastic implants. In hip resurfacing, the head of the femur is resurfaced with a metal hip “joint” and the remainder of the thigh bone is left intact, therefore preserving bone.

Hip resurfacing was originally conceived as a way to more closely match the size of the head of the femur, while potentially increasing stability and decreasing opportunity for dislocation, one of the most common complications of total hip replacement.

Hip resurfacing has many advantages but is not for everyone. This procedure is intended for active patients who are under 60 years of age and in need of hip replacement. Hip resurfacing is ideal for younger patients with strong bones. Adults over 60 who are living an active lifestyle may also be considered for this procedure after a review of bone quality.

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