Palm Beach County high school football officials rejected an offer from the school district on Tuesday night and remain engaged in a work stoppage. Negotiations between the officials association and the district are ongoing .

With two days remaining until scheduled preaseason Kickoff Classic games in Palm Beach County, football officials remain engaged in a work stoppage after failing to come to a payment agreement with the school district on Tuesday.

Officials are hoping to receive a temporary max-game fee increase from $65 to $75 while the FHSAA works on a long-term pay solution.

“We are in negotiations with the district and we’re trying to see if we can come to some type of agreement within the next 24 hours,” said Travelle Northern, president of the East Coast Football Officials Association. “Hopefully we’ll have a better idea of where we’re at in the morning.”

Earlier Tuesday, the Palm Beach Post reported preseason high school volleyball matches have been canceled after a work stoppage by the East Coast Volleyball Officials Association meant no licensed officials were available to oversee games.

In a meeting on Tuesday night, Palm Beach County school district officials offered the football officials association a $5 per-game raise, a proposal that the officials rejected.

“Our guys voted overwhelmingly last night on a minimum of $10,” said Northern. “This is the second week in a row that we voted and they unequivocally and unanimously said that the minimum is $10 for them to go back to work.”

Though a deal could not be reached on Tuesday night, the ECFOA views the district’s offer as a promising step in the ongoing negotiations.

“We appreciate the district coming to the table at this late hour to make some type of offer, because nothing had been offered up to this point,” said Northern. “This was the first substantial offer they put on the table since we started this process.”

“I believe that the decision makers were at the table this time, and I believe that was a step in the right direction.”

If the school district were to offer ECFOA officials the $10 raise that they have been asking for, Northern says that the work stoppage would end and officials would get back to work immediately.

“Our group made the decision last night that if the district comes to the table with the $10, they’ll be ready to go,” said Northern. “At that point we wouldn’t have to call another meeting, we’d just send out an email that an agreement has been made and we can play football on Thursday.”

ECFOA is prepared if an agreement is reached. Game assignments have already been made in the event that the work stoppage is lifted.

Northern says his group is set to hold out for their $10 pay increase demand, and cites negotiation in other Florida counties as a benchmark for their own negotiations.

“There are some things happening in other parts of the state that kind of confirm our position,” said Northern.

On Monday night, the Treasure Coast Officials Association ended their work stoppage after coming to a compensation agreement with area athletic directors, according to TC Palm.

“Treasure Coast reached a deal with their county and member schools to increase the ancillary fees,” said the FHSAA. “There is nothing stopping ECFOA from doing the same.”