Dolphins preseason breakout player Preston Williams is interested in runway modeling, acting, clothing design — and yes, catching touchdowns

TAMPA — It was Miami Swim Week and the glamorous and glitzy runway fashion shows and pop-up parties were jam-packed with celebrities, models, designers and social-media influencers.

It was a July afternoon and surely those in attendance at one particular pool-side event had no clue that one of the models was Miami Dolphins rookie wide receiver Preston Williams.

Williams was about to turn heads as a Dolphins breakout candidate at training camp, where he wears an aqua and orange uniform, helmet donning an aquatic mammal. But on this day, he wore white trunks, featuring green palm leaves.

After a bit of a saunter, on this warm afternoon, Williams pulled off of his shoulders a light, white zippered jacket with colorful accents.

"Almost the same," Williams said, when asked how it felt to be watched in a swimsuit, compared to evaluated on a football field. "Ain’t nothing like a game day though."

Williams, an undrafted rookie free agent from Colorado State, seems a sure bet now to make Miami’s roster.

Pro Bowl cornerback Xavien Howard calls Williams a future "number one receiver." Miami receiver Kenny Stills says Williams has "first-round talent."

Former first-rounder DeVante Parker says Williams’ talent is "nice."

Before all that, thought, Williams was hoping spectators would think his moves on the runway were "nice."

"I had some time off," Williams said this week, after a practice against the Bucs. "So I went and modeled. It was good. I came out of retirement to model. I did it in high school. In college, I was trying to focus on football. But I'm back into modeling now. I did some print, but I walk runways."

Williams made clear that fulfilling his football potential is by far his number one goal at the moment. But like many other professional athletes, he happens to have interests that extend beyond the playing field.

"One day I want to have my own modeling agency," Williams said. "I want to hire some models and host my own fashion shows. I want to be a designer. I want to make clothes. I have a lot of aspiration for that."

Williams has taken apparel classes, such as costume design. Williams has also taken an interest in theatre, movies and acting.

He was involved in the theatre groups at Tennessee and Colorado State, and even participated in a production of Shakespeare’s tragedy "Titus Andronicus."

It is noted as Shakespeare's bloodiest and most violent work. Williams says he enjoyed it, but would be interested now in participating in more urban productions.

Williams is an exciting player, who demonstrated a flair for the dramatic in college. Williams is also savvy on social media, and anyone who has followed him on Twitter or Facebook is aware of his affinity for the phrases "Unicorn" and "Glitch."

Williams considers himself a "Unicorn" and often uses the emoji.

"Unicorns are a unique horse," Williams said. "You don't really see them. People say I run like a horse. I was like, I am a unique horse though. I'm fast, but I don't look fast. I have good game speed."

Williams consistently refers to "Glitch" which is a word that can refer to errors in a video game. When some gamers discover the errors, they believe it can make the game better.

"A glitch is like a cheat code," Williams said. "You can put a character in a place where you didn't even expect to see him. "

As an undrafted player, some certainly did not expect to see Williams shining so brightly and so quickly as a Miami Dolphin.

As a professional football player, surely many of Williams’ current teammates have no clue about his alter-ego as an aspiring runway model and clothing designer.

"I like to be a unique person," Williams said. "I like to be a unique player. I’m trying to separate myself from others."