The world’s No. 1-ranked golfer, who graduated from Cardinal Newman High and currently lives in Jupiter, will appear in two ESPN commercials that debut Saturday as he follows in the footsteps of notable golfers, such as Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer. This comes after his appearance in ESPN Body Issue.

Watch out for Brooks Koepka on your television screen Saturday. No, the Cardinal Newman grad and Jupiter resident won’t be golfing.

Instead, the world’s No. 1, who golfed at Florida State, will be showcasing his acting chops as part of ESPN’s "This is SportsCenter" ad campaign. It’s his first time appearing in the ads and is another collaboration with the company after Koepka was featured in ESPN Body Issue, which hit newsstands Friday.

Koepka, who grew up in Wellington and has won four majors in the last three years, appears in two of the 12 ads debuting Saturday.

The TV spot, "Putter Wipe" (see first video above), features Koepka, Dan Gambill playing Koepka’s caddie and SportsCenter anchors Matt Barrie and Elle Duncan. It was filmed in ESPN’s cafeteria. With tongue firmly in cheek, the ad compares cutting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to putting.

The 30-second ad is one of seven ads airing on TV.

The other ad, "Hallway Putt" (see video below) will be shown on ESPN’s social and digital platforms. The 15-second spot involves Koepka, Barrie and Duncan and was filmed in an interior hallway at ESPN.

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Saturday marks ESPN’s 40th-year anniversary. The network has produced more than 400 "This is SportsCenter" ads but has never released this many at the same time.

Other notable golfers to appear in this ad campaign include Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson and Jordan Spieth.

Now, add Brooks Koepka to the list.

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