Dolphins receiver Albert Wilson has suffered a long injury spell yet continues to start virtually every day reminding Twitter followers he’s ‘thankful & blessed.’

DAVIE — Not a day goes by without “thankful & blessed” popping up on athletes’ Twitter timelines. Dolphins receiver Albert Wilson tries to make sure not a day passes without posting it on his, and it probably says something that most days he punctuates it with an exclamation point and others, with multiple exclamation points.

If anyone on the Dolphins has a right to wallow in his situation, Wilson qualifies. He has played only one game this season, meaning he has missed three. Since joining the Dolphins last year, he has appeared in only eight of a possible 20 games. Those are bad-enough numbers for anybody, worse for a guy who in college and for his first three NFL seasons was the picture of durability.

After practicing on a limited basis Wednesday while coming off hip and calf injuries, Wilson hopes to face the Washington Redskins on Sunday, but the past three games have landed him on the inactive list, so there are no guarantees.

Actually, there is one guarantee: Wilson will wake up Sunday and let everyone know he’s “thankful & blessed.”

“Everybody brings up the ‘thankful & blessed’ thinking,” Wilson said. “How do I wake up? Thankful and blessed no matter how the previous day has been.

“It’s just another opportunity to attack the day. I’m thankful for that. I’ve dealt with a lot of people who don’t have the opportunity to get up the next day and put their best foot forward, so when I’ve got an opportunity to let the world know, and to let everybody know, I’m putting my best foot forward every day, it’s something cool that people picked up on.”

Mostly, Wilson figures it’s cool he picked up on it himself.

“It wasn’t always like this,” he said.

With a unique skillset with the ball in his hands, Wilson can offer the Dolphins a spark no other player can. But being reduced to spectator for so long is enough to test anyone’s power of positive thinking. Wilson decided years ago not to give in to pessimistic thoughts.

“Just wanted a new life,” Wilson said. “Just wanted a better life. Just wanted a happier life. It starts with your mind. You wake up in the morning, you put your mind in the right place, likely your body, your day, your actions, are going to follow.”

Twitter isn’t exactly renowned as the place to go for such reinforcement. Trolls lurk everywhere. Then along comes @iThinkIsee12, Wilson’s handle, based on his website,, which tells the story of Wilson growing up in Vero Beach in foster care. It also promotes his foundation, dedicated to youth in the foster care system.

Either late in his time at Port St. Lucie High, or perhaps when he started at Georgia State, he began his “thankful & blessed” tradition on Twitter.

For awhile, feeling that way didn’t require much effort. Wilson played 42 of a possible 45 games in college, never missing a start his final two seasons. In 2014, he beat the odds to make the Kansas City Chiefs’ roster as an undrafted free agent. He started two games and finished with 260 yards and a 16.3 average. In his final two seasons with the Chiefs, he missed just three games — as many as he has missed in 2019 alone.

A serious hip injury last year landed on him injured reserve for the final nine games, costing the Dolphins a quick, elusive player whose 12.9 yards after catch ranked second in the league.

Having the 31st-ranked offense and 32nd-ranked scoring offense in the NFL makes the Dolphins that much hungrier to get Wilson back.

Wilson sounds ready.

“Going into this bye week really healthy and coming off of it pretty healthy I think is a good thing,” he said.

And for that, he woke up Wednesday feeling thankful and blessed.


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