The Jaguars have played a game in London every season since 2013.

The NFL will release the Jaguars’ long-awaited 2020 schedule on Thursday night at 8.

The league announced Monday that all five international games have been called off due to caronavirus pandemic, including the two games the Jaguars were going to play at Wembley Stadium this coming season.

They now will play an eight-game home schedule like the 31 other teams for the first time since 2012.

The franchise unveiled a new ticket option plan that’s available for new and renewing season-ticket holders.

One of the options is that full refunds on 2020 season-ticket memberships will be available to all season-ticket holders at any time before the start of the NFL season.

The deadline for existing season ticket members to renew their seats has been extended to June 5.

No new payments for season tickets will be required until June 20.

Also, existing season ticket members facing a COVID-19 medical hardship are eligible to take a year with no effect on their membership status or loss of their seats.

Also, current season ticket members, both renewed and non-renewed, will have the option to include both games that will now be played at TIAA Bank Field instead of Wembley Stadium, in their membership.

New season ticket memberships will now include all 10 home games (eight regular season and two preseason).

We asked Jaguars’ fans to share their thoughts about the franchise now having an eight-game home schedule.

I see the frustration from Jags fan side but i also understand having an NFL team is a privilege not many cities get to enjoy. As upset as you may be at management for their decisions, not going to games in spite of Mgmnt will only be used against Jax to move the team down the Rd

— ThePoojiePodcast (@jpooj17) May 5, 2020

I don’t think I can handle the stress of 8 games, Khan. I’m not 28 anyone and I’m not built for this kinda shit anymore

— Minshew QB1 (@David59736974) May 4, 2020

I'm actually worried about the added games. I say that because it may be difficult to sell out this year due to the economic damage COVID-19 has caused. And if we don't sell out the games that could spell 6 games permanently for #Duuuval. #Jaguars

— Terrence Hayes (@TerrenceLHayes) May 4, 2020

It’s like having an ex who left you for a little while and now wants to come back... but only because the new dude kicked her to the curb. She’s hot and you’re lonely, so you really want to give it another shot, even though you know you shouldn’t.

— DB (@DBerey73) May 4, 2020

I'm sad only for the Jags fans that were making the trip over this year. And a bit for my UK friends that will miss it. That said, it's a tad humorous that Shad/Lamping didn't get their way. It has made me reconsider renewing, tho. Haven't yet, but I'm starting to lean that way.

— Poffy (@JagsandRedsfan) May 4, 2020

— Naps (38-90) (@ac_ec) May 4, 2020

Nice try Khan

— StevenDouglasDobson (@sportsguy35) May 4, 2020

Called my rep today to renew.

— King of the North (@dmarshall16) May 4, 2020

I'll be happy once a season is confirmed

— J Ran #DTWD (@J_Ran85) May 4, 2020

I feel so terrible for the Khans. How will they be able to financially recover from this!

— Angel (@Canesjag) May 4, 2020

I guess

— JAGS (just throw season away) (@yaboycory) May 4, 2020

Surely this is a joke.Since when did the fans thoughts carry any weight

— Wilson (@JagpamP) May 4, 2020

I’ll be happy to see 1 game played at TIAA Bank stadium this year!

— Karl Bartley (@mgunz04) May 5, 2020

Khan probably the only person upset

— Willy P (@WillP888) May 5, 2020